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Kathryn Engle with Dr. Grise and Dr. EngleWelcome to the Madison's Heritage website! Here you will find articles from the Richmond Register column Madison's Heritage written by Dr. Fred A. Engle, Jr. and Dr. Robert Grise. Engle and Grise started Madison's Heritage in order to share their knowledge of Madison County, Kentucky history and began writing in April of 1969 and have been publishing weekly ever since.

Madison's Heritage has provided a constant stream of local history information to Madison Countians for over 40 years. Through quality research, writing, presentation, and interaction with readers, the Madison's Heritage column has provided valuable insights into the county's history. It has served Madison Countians for over 40 years, covering a variety of subject matter and using of a range of quality source material. The column's distinct characteristics and history have formed an interesting story as Madison's Heritage has become a staple of Madison County life. The column's many unique features have led to its success and staying power. Because of its duration, its interactive element, the volume and quality of the articles, and because of the unique stories and lives of the authors themselves, Madison's Heritage has gained a loyal readership and stood the test of time, while staying relevant and stimulating. Dr. Engle and Dr. Grise have surely left a legacy for future generations of Madison Countains who are interested in celebrating and learning about their heritage See the “About the Column” tab for more information about the column and its uniqueness and function.

The articles in the Madison's Heritage column have covered a wide range of subject matter spanning the entire history of Madison County. The authors did not intend to write a comprehensive history of the county, but rather short vignettes about life in Madison County over the years. They wanted to go more in depth than existing works on the county and report antiquated stories, forgotten events, and details that are often left out of the history books.

The articles found on this website are tagged by subject matter and many articles have multiple tags. The twelve major tags are: history (which includes most everything from Daniel Boone on), churches, businesses, transportation, education, people, events, sports, buildings, government, Berea, and miscellaneous (which covers articles that cover a variety of information, do not fit well into the other categories, or concern the many smaller towns and villages in Madison County). Most of the Madison's Heritage articles fit well into these large subject headings. See the “About the Column” tab to find a detailed topical index of subject matter discussed in the Madison's Heritage column. 

This collection of articles provides a vital resource for those interested in Madison County, Kentucky, history. This wealth of information may be used by students, scholars, researchers, historians, and those interested in county history as they explore Madison County's fascinating past. Kids will appreciate the brevity, succinctness, and straightforwardness of the articles. Those interested in family history will find the search feature particularly helpful while researching their Madison County ancestors. Scholars and historians will appreciate the variety of primary materials that have served as basis for many of the articles and everyday Madison Countians will appreciate the organization of the site and the ability to browse all the articles. There is a plethora of opportunities for in-depth research projects based on the articles in this collection. See the Madison's Heritage index on the “About the Column” tab for ideas for topics for further research.

This website brings viewers unprecedented easy access to the Madison's Heritage collection. Information once only found in the EKU library archives and buried in desk drawers is now available in a comprehensive, organized, searchable website at your fingertips. Kathryn Engle has worked for over a year collecting, organizing, cataloging, and digitizing this collection of articles, which is well over 2000 in total. From the beginning of her project she had a vision of sharing her grandpa's and his coauthor's articles with the world. This site endeavors to serve as a resource for those interested in Madison County, Kentucky, history and as a venue to honor Dr. Engle and Dr. Grise for the work they have invested in the community. See the “About the Column” tab for more information on the Madison's Heritage project.

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Click on the “Resources” tab to find a bibliography of sources relating to Madison County, Kentucky, history, as well as links to useful websites concerning Madison County.

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