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Dr. Engle and Dr. Grise were asked to talk about Madison’s Heritage in their own words. They were interviewed by Kathryn Engle in the spring of 2011 and were asked the same questions regarding their column. Their answers were insightful and quite similar. They both know the importance of local histories and local historians, which is why they have endeavored to share their knowledge of Madison County, Kentucky, over all these years.

They know more about the history of the county than most anybody else alive today. They carry around chronologies, biographies, and old newspaper articles in their heads and are ready at any chance to share their wealth of information with anyone who will listen. They bring with them years of living, working, and raising a family in Madison County and have first-hand knowledge of the changes that have taken place in the county over the last eighty or so years. They also are the people that know the history of Madison’s Heritage, and can distinctly recall events in the life of the column from its founding to the present.