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Useful Texts on Madison County, Kentucky

Madison’s Heritage: Vols. I-III, Dr. Fred Engle & Dr. Robert Grise, 1985, 1988, 1994.

Glimpses of Historic Madison County, Kentucky, Jonathan and Maud Dorris, 1955

Madison County: 200 Years in Retrospect, Ellis, Everman, and Sears, 1985

Madison County Rediscovered: Selected Historic Architecture, Lavinia H. Kubiak, 1988

Madison County Kentucky (Postcard History Series), Harry Johnson, 2004.

Old Cane Springs: A Story of the War Between the States in Madison County, Kentucky, revised and supplemented by Jonathan Truman Dorris from the original by John Cabell Chenault, 1937

A History of Eastern Kentucky University, William Ellis, 2005.

Eastern Kentucky University: 1906-1956, Jackie Couture, Deborah Whalen, & Chuck Hill, 2006.

Eastern Kentucky University, 1957-2006, Jackie Couture, Deborah Whalen, & Chuck Hill, 2007.

Three Decades of Progress: Eastern State Teachers College, 1906-1936. Jonathan Truman Dorris and Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College, 1936.

Five Decades of Progress: Eastern State Teachers College, 1906-1957. Jonathan Truman Dorris and Eastern Kentucky State College, 1957.

Looking Back. Richard A. Edwards, 1972.

Berea College: An Illustrated History, Shannon Wilson, 2006.

Berea and Madison County, Jacqueline Burnside, 2007.

Berea College: An Interesting History, E.H. Fairchild, 1875.

Berea College: The Telescope and the Spade, Francis S. Hutchins, 1963

Berea College: Spiritual and Intellectual Roots, Dale Brown, 1982.

“Philanthropists and Politicians: A Sociological Profile of Berea College 1855-1908,” Ph.D. dissertation by Jacqueline Burnside, 1988.

Berea’s First 125 Years, 1855-1980, Elisabeth S. Peck & Emily Ann Smith, 1982.

Useful Websites on Madison County, Kentucky

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Fort Boonesborough Foundation website:

Fort Boonesborough State Park website:

The White Hall-Clermont Foundation:

Richmond Tourism website:

The Richmond Register website:

Richmond Area Arts Council:

Eastern Kentucky University website:

Eastern Kentucky University Special Collections & Archives website:

EKU Special Collections & Archives- Encompass Digital Archive:

Berea College website:

Berea College Special Collections & Archives website:

Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea website:

City of Berea website:

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